Biography - Douglas Wodark

Douglas Wodark has two passions in life- his family and his art. His fascination with art and its impact on his life are evidenced by his unique and powerful body of work. Intent on capturing the exact shade of color and nuance of figure, Douglas loses himself in his painting, often working through the night in order to bring his art to life. After completing his bachelors degree in History at the University of Northern Colorado, Douglas spent the first ten years of his professional career in marketing. In 1988, Douglas took a one-year sabatical to travel the world. The experience proved to be a turning point in his art, as well as his life. Always his passion, art had been afforded only the time of a treasured hobby. He returned with the conviction to live life fully by doing what he really loved-creating art as a career. Douglas's conviction proved worthwhile. An attraction to and knack for using strong color brought Douglas to a style with a definite western bent. His subject matter, the Native American Warrior and the great American cowboy provide unending inspiration. Currently, his work centers on riders placed in traditional western landscapes shot through with unexpected vibrance created by his masterful use of light and color. Douglas attributes his fascination and kinship with his subjects to a similarity in values- a strong sense of family, innate value of all things in nature, the perception of life as a magical journey of adventures, and a rugged individualism. Most importantly, Douglas paintings speak strongly for themselves. An often haunting soulfulness abides in his work along with a moving sense of peace. His pieces are undeniably powerful and creative works of art that make themselves felt wherever they are shown. A list of galleries is available by clicking the Current Galleries link on the toolbar. Douglas currently lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with his wife, Heidi, and their two children, Zane and Zia. He has been fortunate enough to realize his dream of having a successful career as an artist. His work can be found at various galleries throughout the Southwest. The listing of galleries can be found by clicking the link on his homepage. Occasionally, Douglas will do commissioned work.